Has Prayer Stopped Working for You?  

  • Are you discouraged because you feel like the thin, wispy, listless prayers you offer just bounce off the ceiling?
  • Are you struggling with a shallow prayer life because you just can't seem to find the time or motivation to pray consistently? 
  • Are you frustrated trying to tame the monkeys that fill your mind with endless distractions when you try to pray?

If you ready to finally create a relaxed, ongoing interaction with God that is practical, intimate, and authentic… then Cultivating a Listening Heart is exactly what you need.  

If you are disillusioned, experiencing spiritual dryness, or simply looking for your next step in your spiritual growth, this guide offers practical and simple ways to connect with God.  

Cultivating a Listing Heart

When you download Cultivating a Listening Heart you'll discover: 

  • Simple prayer suggestions that guide you away from formulas and step-by-step prayer plans toward a lifestyle that allows you to experience God’s presence
  • Practical exercises that will nuture you toward more meaningful prayer
  • Rest and guidance in God as you open yourself to God’s presence and direction 

Download it today! 

Cultivating a Listening Heart Practical Exercises to Help You Listen to God  

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Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Director 

After leading thousands of people through prayer retreats and as a spiritual director, Jan knows all about the dynamics of how to cultivate a deep and meaningful life of prayer that many of us long for.  

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